Jerome Maurey-Delaunay
Interactive Developer

For over a decade I have helped agencies and their clients develop both online and offline, complex and immersive, interactive experiences across platforms and devices.

These projects span from web applications for multinational corporations like Tata Communications , R&D interfaces on embedded devices, tradeshow installations for the Avionics industry to 3D architecture pre-visualisation apps for the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

I have worked with the talented people at STC Associates in NYC and Neutral in London.

Although I try to remain platform agnostic when approaching new projects, my focus lately has been on Unity3D, Scaleform, Flash & AIR, modern web technologies like WebGl & CSS3D and Native iOs & Android.

Expert in ActionScript 3, proficient in C# & Javascript and experienced in Objective-C & Java.

I am an Away3D contributor and like to build projects atop great libraries like Three.js, Robotlegs, Starling & Feathers, MotionNexus, PureMVC, and jQuery... To name a few ;-)

In my spare time I like to develop mobile apps, tinker with Processing, Arduino and Makey Makey, model and 3D print things on my Printrbot Jr and run the 3D Printing Miami Meetup.

Latest Published Work

Most of my work is under NDA or for private distribution. The projects below are the few public ones I can share with you. They also include some of my personal projects.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Interactive 3D Walkthough

Imersive 3D website built in Flash using the GAIA Framework & Away3D.
The mobile apps were built in Unity3D.

Links: website iOs Android

Murphy Phillips

Classic Flash website built using the GAIA Framework.
More than likely the last one I'll get to make ;-)

Links: website

Sasha Waltz - Neues Museum Experience

Imersive 3D website built in Flash using the GAIA Framework and Away3D Lite (pre Stage3D).

Links: website

Count the Dots

Stylish and minimalist counting app for the little ones. Built in AIR

Links: iOs Android

Flash Board

Communication tool meets Flash cards built using AIR

Links: iOs Android


Experimental Clock integrating colors from famous paintings, built using AIR

Links: iOs Android


This project is covered by an NDA, some names and places have been modified to protect those involved... Not really, but NDAs are evil. I wanted to mention it here because it was an amazing experience to build and allowed me to work with some crazy talented developers like Jasper Stoker, George Penney and Justin Imhoff.

A complex demonstration created for a leading hardware manufacturer's trade show presence in 2011 and through 2012. It Included an immersive full HD 3D GUI running in Unity3D. Using both proprietary pre-release hardware and consumer devices (iPad) as controllers. With a sprinkle of Eye tracking, Kinect body tracking and voice recognition.

The satellite apps were created using AIR, Starling & Feathers and deployed to both iOs and Android. We used SmartFox Server to handle all communications as it offered client APIs for all the platforms used.

As the project gained in complexity over its lifetime (the demo was reused for several shows) we moved the Unity3D app to a PureMVC based architecture.

One key element was inputs handling and abstracting for mouse, eye tracking, kinect based gestures and voice commands, touch devices based commands, gestures and virtual trackpad.

We used Scaleform for Unity3D to create most the 2D UI elements. Although it was still in beta as of the first release, the ability to go through the trusted Flash workflow for an ever deepening 2D content in Unity3D was a major gain.

It also meant having strong IDEs for both 3D and 2D workflows and the ability to decouple production.

The kinect layer was handled using the excellent Motion Nexus AS3 library.